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Nurse Mom Bundle Gift Box

Nurse Mom Bundle Gift Box

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Show your loved one that you support, love, and appreciate them with this personalized gift bundle box. This box comes with a "Livin' That Nurse Mom Life" T-Shirt that will allow them to show the world their pride in being both a mom and a nurse. Also, included is our soft, lightweight, and cozy all-season hypoallergenic 50"X60" fleece throw blanket that's perfect for them to use when traveling or at home to let others know they are off duty and to get somebody else to do it! As well as an 11oz glam red and black cheetah print-inspired Nurse Mom mug that can be personalized with their name/nickname and their children's names if you choose. The Nurse Mom mug can be microwaved for up to 2 minutes and is dishwasher-safe. The gift box bundle also includes glam red and black cheetah print-inspired Nurse Mom socks that warn others not to mess with their children or their patients. The socks feature polyester tops for a soft stretch around the leg and sock cotton bottoms. They can wear them with their scrubs or on a casual day to show off their Nurse Mom pride. Let's celebrate the hero in scrubs who also lives that mommy life. They will love that everything in the gift basket was made with them in mind. Also included are gift shred paper and our Bundles Of Smiles tissue paper for an exciting unboxing experience. Get them a gift that they will remember while celebrating the amazing person that they are.

Note: All items are hand-crafted and curated for each bundle by Bundlez Of Smiles LLC. Items are made to order. Items will typically ship out within 5-7 days and take 1-5 days to arrive once shipped. Each bundle includes care instructions to prolong the use time of your items. ***There may be slight imperfections in products due to items being handmade

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