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Bundlez Of Smiles LLC

Black Mom Bundle Gift Box

Black Mom Bundle Gift Box

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 Do you need the perfect gift for your momma? Show her that you admire and support the beautiful melanated queen that she is with the personalized gift bundle box that pays homage to all that Black Momma Magic that she possesses. This box comes with a memorable statement on the t-shirt that reminds you and your siblings that she's " not one of your little friends". Also included is our wonderful stress-free scented candle with matches to help her save on that light bill as soon as she opens that box. Because you know that Christmas time is the only time you can have a bunch of lights on at her house without a reason. As well as a Dope Black Mom tumbler that can be personalized with her name or another saying if you choose. The dope black mom tumbler can keep beverages cold for 4 hours or more. The Black Mom tumbler can also keep beverages warm for 2 hours or more. The gift box bundle also includes a "No we got McDonald's at home " apron with an adjustable neck look as well as strings to secure the apron around her waist. She will love that everything in the gift basket was made with them in mind and even laugh while reminiscing on memories while raising you and/or your siblings. Also included are gift shred paper and our Bundles Of Smiles tissue paper for an exciting unboxing experience. Get them a gift that they will remember while celebrating the strong person they are. Also perfect for your auntie, grandmom, sister, or yourself who understand what it's like to be a Black Queen and a Mommy at the same time.

Note: All items are hand-crafted and curated for each bundle by Bundlez Of Smiles LLC. Items are made to order. Items will typically ship out within 5-7 days and take 1-5 days to arrive once shipped. Each bundle includes care instructions to prolong the use time of your items. ***There may be slight imperfections in products due to items being handmade

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